Don't Make Me Beg, Too Much That Is

Nixie here again. I swear this little human is trying to drive me insane. I can't believe the things he puts me through, the feelings he gives me.

So we met up at the bar like I told you we were going to. I couldn't wait to get him alone, knowing that he was too much a urm gentleman to drop trow in public. I asked him if we could leave, I begged him to let me take him home. He deterred me! The nerve. I would have walked away from anyone that dared to tell me no before. But him. Oh Goddess!

About an hour after drinking and dancing, I again asked if we could leave. He told me not yet pet. Pet?? Really to think that a powerful Fae could be considered a pet by a mere human. He could tell I was upset, took me outside on the balcony and told me that there was a reason for not wanting to leave the moment we met up. I said what possible reason could you have for not wanting to go home with me?

He laughed. Laughed at me. My blood was boiling. Pet and laughing at me in a matter of minutes. Then he said something so incredible that I had to ask him to say it again.

You aren't just sex to me. 

I was stunned. This was the first time a human male, hell even a female for that matter, had said those words to me in CENTURIES.  I looked on him with new eyes. I knew that I felt more for him than just fun and sex, but to think that he thought the same. You have to understand we Fae, we're addictive to humans, not just seductive. Once they get a taste, its all they can think about, all they want. The sight, smell, thought of a Fae they have been with makes them want to have us again, and again, and again.

I mean it is possible for a human to not be addicted. Usually it's Sighted ones. They see through glamours. They can't be spelled, or fooled. But he's not Sighted. Couldn't be, could he?

Anywoo I let loose and enjoyed our time, stopped pressuring him to go home to my bedroom. Danced. Smiled. Had fun. Then hours later I took him home to my bedroom. Well ... my living room, I swear I could barely contain myself. I rode his lap in the cab to my apartment. I rubbed myself against his clothed groin. I smiled while listening to his moans and laughed at the look on his face when I whispered that all he had to do was unzip and I could please him. It was priceless. He shook his head in mock horror and told me to wait.

The moment I crossed the threshold of my apartment my dress was on the floor. He shut the door and smiled, saying he knew I had gone commando but no idea I wasn't wearing a bra either. I smiled as I pushed him against the door and got on my knees. As fast as I could his dick was in my mouth. I couldn't help it, he had me wound up all night from waiting. I took my mouth off him and begged for him to fuck me, have his way with me, use me however he saw fit.

I will never forget the smile on his face and his sweet response. 

"Of course my sweet, you've begged enough for tonight."

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