Confessions of a Nixie

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Sirens, mermaids, nixies, selkies, naiads .... 

So many names, but do you recognize the water faeries when you see them? Most people don't, but then again most humans don't recognize faeries at all.

Silly humans think that faeries are make believe. 

How do I know? Cause I am one. Out of the names I prefer Siren, it just sounds sexy. Though technically I'm a nixie, nixies are so underrated in these modern faerie tales. When you think of it the Geek Sirens aren't even water faeries! They are half human and half bird, nixies are the sexy seductresses. We are the ones that lure men to their deaths and drown them, the bird brains just have the crash against the rocks. Anywoo.

Call me Nixie

Cause I like to have fun and have named myself in this modern world with my own species. Not like anyone ever sees me in water, they might be a little surprised at what they see. It does present some setbacks, like those cute little bikinis, no use for them. I know some humans like to set out in the sun but faerie skin doesn't tan, so that just seems pointless to me. I do get to wear those sexy little bra and panties sets, and the dresses, boots, skirts, oh I love the shopping. I'm told I dress like a "slut" by other girls and I just laugh, I mean in my homelands I'm naked, besides the tail.

As far as I can tell I am this slut the girls talk about, but so the men I and they associate with. The only difference is I'm a little more educated than them. But then again I have got a few centuries on them. I found a sticker the other day, "Slut is a woman with the priorities of a man" and I laughed out loud. The other thing I find is that the same girls that call me a slut, act like it as well, but say they aren't. We all wear skimpy clothes, go out to bars, pick up men, have sex, and do the same thing again. I just don't hide it. I mean it's normal behavior for one of the Fae.

There is something funny about being around these humans, I'm starting to catch what they call feelings. I have found this one man, attractive, smart, get in bed, and out of it. But unlike the others I can't seem to get him off my mind. The way he worked his way around my curves. Took control of me while hitting just the right spots inside my center. Mmmm. Just thinking about it has me wanting him. Though that isn't till later.

Later we will meet up at the bar again, we will have drinks, and dance closely. We will barely get out of the bar before I will want to have him in me. I'm licking my lips at the thought of taking him coat room, the bathroom, the alley. Oh to fuck under the moon again. Wonder what he would think of my tail?

Time to go get ready for my human!

xoxo Nixie 


  1. I love this perspective.
    Very saucy too!

    1. Now that is an excellent word for it. I'm writing a novel too off the first story, Pixie Tricks.