Confessions of a Nixie .... Home

Nixie is here again! Sorry for the delay. Life has a habit of getting in the way.

I took a small break from playing human and went back to the motherlands. Blame the moon. But I needed some perspective. I was falling for him, falling for my little human that called me pet and made me beg. Plus my legs were burning and I yearned to have my tail again. To shed clothes and pretenses.

To be myself. 

The first step cross the invisible line between Ironside and Faery. The tingle. It's like, well it is, coming home.

I dropped my dress. I kicked off my shoes. I strode into my home, bare. But unlike in the human world, I wasn't undressing to hook a lover of the night. I got a few smiles. Nods. My sweet wolf friend comes running up to me, welcoming me home. The whole time I keep my pace, I'm measuring myself, to keep from running. The real reason I came Home.

I dive into the lake. I shoot like a gun from one side of the lake to the other and back again before I come up for air. I let my tail coil and move and stretch. It's been too long. When I come up for air my wolf is grinning at me.

I smile and tell him that I'm falling in love with a human and that he might be Sighted.

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