to the BONE

You never know what makeup can hide, what's behind the face you see. What if something you think is makeup isn't? 

What if the face you see is the true face?

There's one day a year that Catrina doesn't need to hide her true face. One day when she gets to go and play as herself. Día de Muertos. Her favorite day of the year, her day to blossom and become Flor de Muerto. 

The colors, the marigolds, the sugar skulls. It was a day to party. It was also a day to remember the matriarch of her line, Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of the Dead, goddess of the underworld. Not that many people remember that. Though they should, for the gods and goddesses have never forgotten them. In the old days her kind were loved, nowadays they are forgotten. Mostly, Catrina thinks to herself, there was that doll that looked like her she saw the other day.

With her hair pulled back and done in curls, red lips and marigolds on her cheekbone, Catrina steps out into the night. She smiles at people as they walk by, whistling and calling compliments on her makeup. She heads for a nightclub that is throwing a Day of the Dead dance party, come as a dapper skeleton the flyers said, dress to impress. 

Impress. That's certainly what Catrina did as she walked in the club, her dress hugging all the curves of her body in the best way possible, flared skirt, low cut top, sky high heels, pin up curls and a colorful skeleton face. The crowd stops and stares, the breaks out clapping. She hears murmurs of best costume, sure to win, amazing dress.

A young man comes up her at the bar, "would you like a drink?"

"I would rather a dance," Catrina says with smirk on her lips. She drags the boy out to dance floor, she presses her body against him and starts to move to the music. Places his hands on her hips, swaying them in time. He clutches her and moves with her. 

They dance all night, sweaty and smiling, her dance partner finally introduces himself, "I'm Dan, would you like to go somewhere and maybe dance a little closer?"

"Catrina, sounds lovely, do you live nearby?" she replies with a smirk and a wink. 

Dan nods and takes her hand, guiding her to his apartment down the street. As they reach his building he pushes her against the wall and nuzzles her neck. She presses her round bottom back into him and giggles. He slides his hand up the side of her body, from her thigh to her breast, cupping it firmly. Catrina sighs. He pulls her away from the building and in the door, up the stairs, he fumbles to open his door as she pulls at his belt. 

Once inside he picks her up and throws her down on his bed, hiking her skirt up he kisses up her leg, reaching under her round ass he pulls panties down, she arches her back, grinding herself into his mouth. She claws at the sheets as he finds her center with his tongue. Pushing into her, breathing heavily, she moans "not yet." She pushes herself up and unzips her dress. Dan can't help but sigh as he takes in her gorgeous white skin and ample curves. She reaches down and pulls his belt out and pops open his pants, he pulls his shirt off and she lays down on his bed. He climbs on top of her, pushing himself in her wet, warm center. She clenches at him and moans, clawing his arms and back. He pumps himself hard, enjoying the way she feels on him, loving the way she wiggles under him. 

After a long and fruitful night of animal passion Dan wakes up as Catrina is getting dressed. "Where you going beautiful girl?"

She smirks that smirk back at him, "home dapper boy," she sees Dan reaching for his Polaroid camera. He snaps a picture of her smirk. He hands over a pen, "number?" She jots it down and heads for the door, after a quick peck on his cheek. 

"Why don't you wash your makeup off before you?" Dan calls out to her. 

"I already did."

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Sugar Skull by *PhotosFromHeart


  1. Oh wow. A day where she can be her. In all her colors. Lovely and creepy, my favorite ;-)

  2. How divine.....I love that she has a day to just be her....good read, thanks, Oma Linda

  3. I have been browsing and remembered your banshee story so happy to have another of your tales to read, very cool :)

    1. Thanks! I have a few plus one I'm working on, and a novel.