Queen of the Banshees

Jenny G by koryme

Clíodhna always had horrible dreams before someone died.

The only female in her father's line in centuries, all the way from Ireland. Her brothers teased her with the old tales, that her family was descended from bean sidhes, or banshees. Her mother died during childbirth, so she had no protection from them. You know how boys can be. Relentless.

But that was years ago, she had moved out as soon as she turned 18. Family had come from all over, including her superstitious old great-gradndad from Ireland. She remembered being fearful of him when she was little, but he looked so small in person. He was the patriarch of the family. He named her Clíodhna, and started the boys on the path of calling her a banshee. At the big party, he came up and looked her over, then pronounced her as cursed. "I was right in calling you Clíodhna, first female in centuries. You brought back the blood fo the banshees to our clan."

Clíodhna ran out of the hall, grabbed her messenger bag, that she had packed with regular clothes for after the big party, and never looked back. Her own family calling her cursed. Banshee blood. She did a lot of things she wasn't proud of to get her own little apartment, but she had a decent jobm she could afford her apartment and small luxuries. She was happy. Then it happened.

She woke up screaming, tears streming down her face. A death dream. The first time she had one since she left her family. The first ever that she recognized someone. The patriarch himself, great-granddad. She got up and paced around her little apartment. Should she call her family? Go home to them? Just forget it happened?

There was something strange about it though. A young-ish looking man holding her great-granddad's hand. She didn't know him. As she thought of him, the dream passed through her eyes again. He had an unearthly quality to him. He was holding great-granddad's hand and saying he must find her. He had to see her. That's he knew this would happen. Great-granddad just nodded to himself.

Her who? She was the only her in the family. Did he mean her? And just who was he?

So many questions and Clíodhna didn't know how to answer any of them. She did something she hadn't done in years, since she was a little girl. She prayed to her mother, her dead mother that she had never met.

"Mom? What should I do? What does this all mean?" she cried out in her bedroom, tears running down her face. And then she listened. To her surprise she heard a faint "go" just like she heard "run" the night of her party. Not one to question her mother, she went and packed a bag. Maybe 5 years was long enough.

Meanwhile at her father's house the mysterious man was busy making everyone nervous. Great-granddad introduced him as an old family friend but he looked to be in his early 20s. Plus no one had met him before. But great-granddad insisted.

"She won't come you know. We don't even know where she is," James, the youngest boy told the mysterious family friend.

"She'll come," he glanced over at James. "You're the first to actually talk to me besides your patriarch. You may call me Adair."

"How do you know she'll come?"

"I just do."

James walked away shaking his head.

The next day, much to her family's surprise, Clíodhna showed up on the door step. And much to her surprise great-granddad asked to see her. With much apprehension she walked into the master bedroom which had become great-granddad's room.

"So banshee you saw my death?" croaked great-granddad.

"Why did I even bother coming? I should have known you wouldn't have changed."

"Don't mind him, he's just cranky," Adair stepped out of the bathroom. "He never liked dealing with faeries."

"You? But who are you? Wait, faeries?" Clíodhna's head was spinning. He was even more unearthly in person. Almost too gorgeous to be real. Like a male model off the a magazine after the airbrushing. And oh my the accent was intoxicating.

"You can call me Adair. And yes faeries, or fair folk, the people under the hills. You're great-granddad hates dealing with us. Which is  quite amusing since however diluted his blood is still fey." Robin held a shushing finger to the patriarch.

Clíodhna didn't know what to do, was this some new joke her brother's decided to play with her. "You're saying that faeries are real? And that we are related to them?"

"I'm saying that you my dear lass, are a faerie. Your great-granddad is right on that. Clíodhna, queen of the banshees. The first banshee to be born into modern day world. He was wrong to call you cursed though."

Clíodhna had been looking at her feet, tryingt o get a grip on the situation. When she looked up they were no longer in the master bedroom. They looked to be on one of the rolling hills of Ireland but impossibly green. She looked around frantically. Then took a step backwards. Adair was glowing, and he was coming towards her. Naked. She didn't understand what was going on, but suddenly came to the realization that she was naked also.

"What is going on?!"

"Back when I was new, we were considered Gods. Now we're lucky if anyone even remembers  the 'faerie tales' of what we are. Clíodhna we are destined to help the world. To bring it back to what it used to be. To play God and Goddess. To remake the land."

He was embracing her, running his hands through her thick red hair, down her arms, trying to comfort her. He tucked her bright redhead under his chin. She cried red tears, not knowing what to do, she looked up at him. He cupped her face and kissed her gently, tenderly. Surprisingly she responded with fire. Passion burned through her with the sweet kiss. She grabbed his hair and pulled him closer greedily.

Before she knew what was happening she couldn't control herself. She was pushing Adair down to the grass, the soft, lush grass. She was hovering over him, lowering herself down onto him. When she was on him to the hilt, so to speak, she leaned over and gave him another passionate kiss. This time he wasn't as chaste with his. He bucked underneath her, grabbing her hips to keep her on him as deep. Clíodhna brought herself upright and played with her lush, thick red hair. Adair kept his hands on her hips, moving her with him as he bucked before she knew it she was screaming her orgasm, red tears running down her cheeks.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that everywhere her tears dropped plants grew. Trees. Flowers. Bushes. Lush, gorgeous and strong. Just like the male inside of her.

Adair smiled up at her, as he sat himself up to her, hugging her to him. This time he started the frantic kiss, full of lust. Clíodhna wrapped her legs around him, as he rode her to the ground. Each time he thrust himself into her she heard a thunder clap. She finally understood it. They were remaking the earth. She wasn't cursed, she was magic.