Wolf Moon

Kore stepped outside after a long night of work, loving the chilly breeze wrapping around her legs. Perfect weather for a full moon, she thinks to herself. Kore’s favorite thing to do during a full moon was to go down to the river and relax after work, if it was too cold there were fewer people, ahem, watching the stars.

Once down at the river, she pulls her blanket from the trunk and lays it up on her hood, after scooting up herself, she kicks off her sneakers and covers her legs. Shorts while not always practical working in a bar definitely upped the tips. Kore was so lost in her own mind while gazing at the moon’s reflection in the water she didn’t notice the creature coming out of the woods, till he was beside her car.

“Hello there poppet,” came a gruff almost growling voice.

Kore just about slid off the car when she jumped.

“Sorry didn’t mean to disturb you. I thought you probably heard me walking up.” He grabbed her arm to steady her on the car. “The name’s Fenris.”

“Moon gazing, it’s powerful stuff,” Kore righted herself and gave Fenris a good look. “I’m Kore.” He was a strange looking man, she kept thinking that man was the wrong word, even though he very much looked man shaped, and a good shape at that. He seemed more like an animal, especially with those golden eyes.

“I come here myself to gaze at the Mother Moon, but I normally don’t find pretty girls here alone so late in the night.”

Blushing at being called pretty, not that she wasn’t but she carried a few more pounds than most girls, and she certainly isn’t the type you find out with men late at night. Especially when she was pretty sure she smelled of beer and smoke, wearing her work uniform, and that she already wiped off her make up.

“A good rosy complexion too, always a plus,” smiling at her Fenris sat down on her hood.

“I’m sorry it’s just odd to meet a guy wondering around the river in the middle of the night, you’re not a killer are you?” My gods that was a horrible flirting attempt, Kore thought to herself.

Fenris laughed, a huge, loud, cheerful, laugh. It almost felt like a bear hug. “Not the kind you are thinking of. I’m a hunter of sorts. Kore the name your parents gave you?”

“Yes, Kore Persephone, actually. They were very into Greek myths, and I was born on the day she would Kore would descend into the underworld to be Persephone, Hades’ Queen.” She recited this with a blank face while staring at the moon, her parents had drilled it into her head, she was lucky though if born the other date she would be Persephone Kore, and that would have been a lot harder as a child.

“Good name,” Fenris was entranced by this human girl. She hadn’t shied away in the slightest, she had that Old World vibe to her, and he found her to be intoxicating. Dark hair fell in heavy curls down her back, such delicate features, and even through the blanket and sweatshirt he could tell she had the soft, curvy body he so missed. Fertile land, he thought to himself, not a twig like most women these days.

“Really?” thinking he was joking, Kore turned her whole body to face him. Only then noticing how close he had gotten, yet again, without her noticing. “You move like an animal, I don’t even hear you. I guess I should have known with a name like Fenris.”

“Oh so you know more mythology than Greek?” he smirked, as he brushed a curl back from her face. “You aren’t scared of me?”

Shivering from his touch, it takes Kore a minute to process what he said. “Should I be scared of you?” Instinctually she has leaned into his touch. He smells so good, Kore thought.

“You, never. Most humans are. But you’re aroused.” He puts his mouth to her neck and breathes deeply. “I can smell it.”

Kore’s mind hovers on the word human, as she nestles into Fenris. She can’t explain it but she feels safe with him, and he is right she is aroused. Being more forward than she has ever been in her life, she kisses him passionately before asking, “humans?”

“Hush now is not the time for such questions.”

Fenris has his hands under her sweatshirt, lifting it. He nips at her neck before leaning back to free her from the shirt. Kore gasped at the pain, not a lot of pain, more of a shock. Once her sweatshirt is off she lays back and reaches for him, pulling at him, feeling lost without his touch. He lowers himself down to her, grabbing her ample hips, he pulls her down the hood. Once he has his feet firmly on the ground with her pelvis grinding into his groin, he grabs her shorts and panties and pulls them over her ass, pulling her legs together he slides them up and off.

Resting her ankles on his shoulder he rubs his hands down her legs, over her slit, and rips open her button up shirt. Kore gasps as she starts squirming, surprising herself she is trying to reach his pants, not trying to cover up. He laughs that huge, warm, sexy laugh again, as he drags his nails down her sides and grabs her thighs, holding them apart he lowers himself to a kneeling position. Kore just starts to wonder what he is doing as he licks her slit, he wraps her legs around his head and goes to town.

Kore is screaming an orgasm before she knows it, she feels that nipping, shocking pain again, but on her clit as fingers pump in and out of her. Fenris is holding her down with one hand as she starts to buck, he licks and suckles her clit, working his fingers faster and harder, curving them to reach that sweet spot. As he feels her start to gush he nips at her clit one more time, before tonguing her hole as deeply as he can, literally drinking her up.

In the best orgasm of her life induced haze, Kore lifts her head to look at him smiling at her, as he gets ready to plunge himself deep into her, ankles again up on his shoulder. He turns and licks her left ankle while she watches, hearing her moan he nips in.

As he enters her slowly, and deeply, filling her more than any man ever has, he smiles at her.

She sees his sharp fang like canines, top and lower.

As he starts to pull out and push back into her, she arches up to him, kissing him before laying back and whispering.

“Fenris Wolf.”

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