Pixie Tricks

Pixies at play by Edonidas

"What you drinking handsome?"

Sam looks up, then around the bar confused, "who me?"

"Of course, who else do you see around?"

There's a few guys in the bar that Sam would consider handsome before him. Being a tall, lanky nerd in school, he was considered "one of the girls" never one of the guys. He wonders whether someone put her up this considering she was quite the knockout, even with those bits of blue hair.

"I'm Ash," smirks the pixie. It was near closing time for this dive bar, Ashlinn's usual kind of spot to seek out someone, man or woman, that was looking a bit lonely, like the world had screwed them.  "Are you going to make me guess what your drinking?"

"Um, 7 and 7. Are you sure you want to be sitting with me?"

Ash giggles to herself, this one is perfect. With wings hidden behind glamour to pass as a 5'5" slightly curvy human, longish blonde hair highlighted by her shimmering natural blue, she wore tall
boots, a leather skirt, and slouchy off the shoulder sweater. "Of course, I've
always had a thing for the tall, brooding guys."

Sam is getting more confused as the  conversation goes on long. But he
orders her a 7 and 7, and tries to act like this happens to him all
the time. Ash drinks and plays heavy handed with the flirting. Touches
his thigh, scoots closer, laughs at his attempts at jokes. Waves off
the other men when they come sniffing around. Leans into him. When the
bartender announces closing time, she whispers in his ear, "going to
take me back to your place?" 

Sam can't believe this is happening, as his scrambles to get her out before his luck
runs out

Back at his place he watches in amazement as Ash takes over. She
slowly strips out of her clothes for him. Pulling her shirt off to
reveal a lacy thin bra and intricate floral tattoo on her her lower
back that reaches around her hips and dips under her panties. The
skirt slides down over her boots and she kicks it aside, standing in
lacy boy shorts. He's staring at her panties and the tattoo intensely
till her bra floats down in front of him, he looks up to see her
nipples are pierced. And come towards him. 

She straddles his lap, wordlessly and kisses him deeply, pulling his
hair gently. She starts to pull back and opens her mouth, when he
comes alive. He grabs her hips and stands up fast enough to make her
gasp, he pushes her up against the wall, his hands slide up and grab
the sides of her little boy shorts and he pulls as hard as he can
while biting down Ash's neck. She squirms and wiggles, sliding her
hands down his stomach and starts pulling at his belt. She pops the button on his
pants and starts to push them down, when he grabs her arms and puts
them over her head, holding her up by leaning his whole body on her.
He kisses her deeply as he holds her wrists together with one hand and
pulls his throbbing member out. Ash breathes heavily, then screams and he enters her. Sam just smiles as he pulls out
slowly, and rams himself home again.

"Yeah, they never expect it," Sam whispers in her ear.

Ash leans over and bites his ear. Sam throws her on the bed and climbs
on top of her, throwing her legs over his shoulders and repeatedly
rams home in her. He loses count of the amount of times he releases
into her, as she rolls him over and climbs on top of him. She rides
him till he passes out.

He wakes up in the morning, alone and naked in his bed. He can't
decide whether last night was a dream or not. You see pixies are tricky little things. They will kiss you and giggle, then melt away leaving you to wonder whether it even happened. Even though Sam got a little more than a kiss.  

Then he sees himself in the mirror and sees dark black bite marks on his neck and
chest. And a set of blue lip prints on his mirror, and written in red
lipstick saying "Thanks for the fantastic fucking, Ashlinn xoxo"

Have you ever had the feeling that something was just too good to
believe? Something that was just going your way when nothing ever
does? Then all the sudden it stops and you feel like you've been


  1. Lucky Sam ;-) I would have probably been too suspicious and paranoid.

    I like Ash light personality. It would be nice to see her doing everyday things, like getting into an argument with someone in shop...

    And *don't laugh* but those of us who don't drink might have to google 7 and 7.

    1. This was my first story, my wonderful friend that got me into writing erotica helped me with the editing.

      Ash also makes an appearance in The Changeling.

      I haven't had one, well a sip of one since I was oh 19. It's 7 up and a whiskey called 7 something, I forget. I just remembered the name and thought it would be a Sam drink. ;)

    2. I feel better now, in my ignorance at least I thought that it might have 7 Up lol