The Changeling

Leader of the Changelings by Lord-Azeran

“I can make things happen, ya know.”

“Oh yeah like what?”

“Little things,” Demitria sighed. Things weren’t going so well. This blind date seemed to be like all the rest. Painfully dull. She wanted excitement.

“I bet you can do many things, big and little,” smirked a long haired man at the bar. Demi gave him a good long look, from his beat up black boots to vine tattoos on his arms to his shoulder length copper hair. Now he looks like excitement. Not sure why but she was just drawn to him. There was a little glint in his eye, a quirk of his lips. “Would you like to get out of her, sweets?”

“Very much so. Thanks for the drink.” Demi grabs her purse and walks backwards toward the cooper haired man. “I would like to say it was fun, but it wasn’t. Don’t call me, I won’t answer.” Turning her back on her shocked date, she pulls cooper hair with her.

“You’re blunt. I’m Niall.”

“I’m Demitria, Demi for short, and I just can’t lie. It’s the damnest thing,” Demi twirls around as they exit the bar. “I figure why fight it, so I just say what I mean.”

“The old stories say that faeries can’t lie.”

“The old stories also say redheads don’t have souls,” smirks Demi.

“Yes but we are the best lovers,” Niall turns her to face him as lips her bottom lip before pressing a kiss. “Would you like to come to a party?”

“Sounds fun,” Demi replies against his lips as she spins away. “Lead the way.”

After a short ride on Niall’s motorcycle, they end up in the more wooded part of town. Over a bridge, and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go, hums Demi, as they cross a small wooden bridge. Although she feels charged, in a way she has never felt before. It barely crosses her mind that this could be dangerous when she smells a bonfire and hears people laughing.

It’s a party all right, but a very strange one. Some are naked, some only half naked, a rare few herself and Niall included are dressed. There’s a blue haired girl, that Demi feels like she’s seen before. She was talking to a man with animal fangs, and golden eyes licking his lips at Demi. She wanders over to the bonfire, enjoying the heat and smell, she watches Niall go over to the couple she noticed when they got there. Then turns her attention to a trio of girls with skin as pale of moonlight, dancing, watching the firelight reflect off their skin. She became mesmerized as they started moving closer to each other, caressing each other.

“Calm down Fenris, she’s not for you,” Niall tells the man with the golden eyes.

“She’s something else, doesn’t smell human.”

“She’s not, she was stirring her drink at the bar … without her hands. It was kind of funny that her very human date didn’t notice.” Niall laughed, “but then again, he was a human male, and then tend to get distracted large breasts. What do you think Ash?”

“About her large breasts?” the pixie smirked.

“No, about the not being human part.”

“Oh yeah, changeling for sure, make sure to get her on the clover. There should be at least one four leaf clover in the patch, that will break the glamour hiding her true nature.”

“I haven’t heard of a changeling in quite some time,” mused Fenris. “I wonder if she’s part of a plan or just a prank, some Court types think it’s funny to swap out a human baby for, ahem, lesser faeries.”

“Why don’t I go find out what the glamour is hiding?”

Demi was still entranced with the trio when she feels hands on her hips, and a breath on her neck. “You’re not worried are you?” Niall whispers in her ear, before trailing his tongue down her neck.

“Worried, no. Thrilled, excited, and feeling slightly over dressed, yes.” Demi grinds her hips back into Niall, sliding her hands over his.

“We can fix that.”

Niall runs his hands up her hips, grabs the bottom of her shirt and pulls it over her head. Demi spins around, tucking her hands under his waistband, popping open the button of his jeans. Niall bites her collarbone, skimming his hands down her back, dipping his hands into her jeans, and cupping her ass, he lifts her up. Instinctually Demi wraps her legs around his waist, and passionately kisses him. “You taste like sunlight, how is that?”

“Oh you’ll see,” Niall murmurs against her chest.

He lays Demi down on a bed of clovers, pulling her tight jeans off her round hips, leaving her wearing a black sheer bra and panty set. He admires her for a minute, as she lays there wriggling against the clover, something about it is making her feel a strange tingle where it touches her skin. She reaches up and grabs his shirt pulling it over his head, which he then lays against her stomach. Kissing a trail down to the top of her panties. Grinning against them, he bites down on them and pulls. Demi lifts her ass to help me get them down.

Once the panties are off, Niall breathes heavily onto her already wet cunt. He licks up and down her slit, grabbing her hips as she starts to wiggle. She moans and tosses her head from side to side. She rips the clover to shreds, as her moans turn to screams, the strange tingling becomes more intense, almost hurting. Her skin feels hot and tight, then gives way under Niall’s hands at her hips, as she screams her orgasm.

Before she can process what is happening, she feels Niall’s weight on top of her. She grips his shoulders. He kisses her forehead, “welcome home Demi,” he whispers as he enters her. She opens her eyes and sees that she is holding him with pale green hands, and that something is fluttering behind her, out of the corner of her eye she clear, iridescent wings, sprouting from her back.

Looking back at Niall, she sees his vine tattoos moving, and tiny sunbursts glowing in his eyes.

“I always knew I was different,” she smiles at him, before once again screaming her orgasm, and he releases into her. 

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