Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dark Faery Tale Weaver Checking In

So if you follow my regular blog you have probably seen already that I've been scattered and busy and unfocused. I'm trying to fix that. The beginnings of doing so is sooo mundane. I've been cleaning and organizing. Both physically and electronically. Trying to streamline things. I will be getting back into this because I love writing these stories. Plus Nixie needs to do more regular blog posts.

Here some pictures to enjoy till I get my next story out.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Update! Kissing Iron

So while I did not win at NaNoWriMo I did get a huge start on Ash's story. I'm excited and it was definitely a push in the right direction which is what I needed.

Here's an excerpt from what I have written so far.

Home. Home is where Ashlinn hides. Unlike most Fae Ashlinn doesn’t consider Faerie home. She considers her little house in Ironside her home. Don’t get her wrong, she loves Faerie. She is Fae. She is a pixie. That is her homeland, but she prefers to be away from them. Unlike most Fae she loves humans, she loves their struggle, their mortality, their short lives, their cute ways of getting through life without magic. She always had, part of being a Changeling. Though it’s be centuries since she thought she was human, since her human family had died, after attempting to throw her into a fire to get their child back. There was no getting their child back, after they found out, it threw them into a deep depression. They gave up, and slowly died a painful death. But she still prefers the human world, she never fit right in Faerie. Too many human traits.
I also found this wonderful photo that I think would look fantastic with the book. And it's new name is Kissing Iron. I'm actually not sure which photo I would want to use she did a whole series that I think looks just like the Ash I have pictured in my head.

via deviantART